The company has established a business-support network with the aim of widening its scope of activity. The network consists of interested companies, institutions and individuals.

The Pan-nutri Agricultural and Food Technology Centre d.o.o. provides the following services to the members of the business-support network:

  • All necessary expert and technical assistance when looking for projects, arranging documentation, helping with the registration and operative implementation;
  • Designs, manages and completes projects for the members;
  • Finds financial sources for the projects;
  • Regularly informs the members about tenders and innovative novelties in the wider agrifood field;
  • Leases out its own research and development equipment;
  • Offers a platform for connecting with other members, organizes meetings and workshops, where participants can express their needs and ideas for the projects and offers opportunities to exchange experiences;
  • Organizes targeted advanced training, specific for an individual organisation;
  • Provides consulting services for different activities for members of its business-support network;
  • Promotes projects for their members.

For further information on the support network and terms for membership contact the Pan-nutri company.