Development of social market products in agrifood sector


The Pan-nutri Agricultural and Food Technology Centre was chosen in the Public Tender for Encouragement of Social Entrepreneurship. The project will be implemented in cooperation with a project partner, Društvo zeliščarjev Pomurje (Pomurje Herbalist Society), and two associated partners Panvita d.d., who offered 1 hectare of land, and Biotehniška šola Rakičan (Rakičan Biotechnical School), who will participate in educational activities. The project is co-financed with 299,124.85 € for the duration of 36 months (from 24 August 2012, to 24 August 2015). The entire value of the project is 404,124.84 €. It is partially financed by the European Union, form the European Social Fund. The project is implemented within the framework of the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development in the period 2007-2013, priority “Equality of opportunity and promoting social inclusion” and priority axis 4.1. “Equal opportunities in the labour market and strengthening social inclusion”.

The aim of the project is the development of social entrepreneurship and development of organic farming and food processing. Before the beginning of season in 2013 the Pan-nutri will invite 3 employees, who will first finish a training course in organic farming and food processing. The aim is to offer the consumer locally grown organic food and to develop a system of organic food growers from which they will buy their market surplus.

The general goals of the project are development of new organic products, creating new jobs, growth of the company, expert staff training. The specific goals are to prepare a program for training, to enrol 10 participants from vulnerable target groups in organic farming training, processing and preparation of products for the market, to create at least three new food products interesting for the market, and to raise awareness of consumers about the benefits of locally produced food.

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