The Pan-nutri company, as its name suggests, originates in the Pannonian Plain (Pan) and emphasises development in the field of nutrition (nutrire/food). It is the main promoter of applied research and developmental work in the wider agricultural and food sector in Pomurje.

By facilitating applied research and development projects we would like to establish tighter cooperation between companies and individuals from the wider agricultural and food processing sector in Pomurje together and with the institutions of concentrated knowledge; by concluding and implementation of these projects we are beginning a new era in the Pomurje agriculture and food processing industries.

The Pan-nutri Agricultural and Food Technology Centre will evolve, through its projects, into the most important factor for transferring scientific and research achievements into practical use, and become the central link between companies and individuals from the agrifood sector in Pomurje.

The company's main goals are:

  • Stimulating and conducting development and research projects in the wider agricultural and food sector in Pomurje;
  • Encouraging specialised applied development and research in individual companies (establishment of development units) with the aim of forming a stronger and wider development and research potential in the wider agrifood sector in Pomurje;
  • Offering expert assistance and support when applying to national and international development, research and other tenders;
  • Following innovations and novelties in the field of research and technologies within the agrifood sector;
  • Informing companies in the wider agrifood field in Pomurje about these innovations and novelties, and looking for possibilities for their implementation and economic exploitation;
  • Continually organising and implementing expert staff training and improvement in the wider agrifood sector in Pomurje.